"Dig The Shark ©"

'Dig The Shark' is our first ever Volleyball geared project! We go to local volleyball clubs and present them with a fun, interactive, and informative shark conservation presentation. The project aims to:

  • Teach kids about shark ecology, biology, and behavior
  • Raise awareness about threats sharks face today
  • Inspire young kinds to want to take more direct action to help Save The sharks!

Raise Awareness

Through the use of visual aides, short videos, and photos, we aim to show the issues that sharks are currently facing. We bring to light shark finning, overfishing, effects on specific populations, and more!

swim away-01.jpeg

Ecology & Biology

Using carefully chosen diagrams, videos, and charts, we aim to educate kids on basic shark biology, ecology, and physiology and how these topics directly affect shark conservation efforts!

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Inspire action

The main goal of this campaign is to inspire people who normally wouldn't know what, or how to make an effort within shark conservation, to get more involved and help Save The Sharks!