Founded In 2010, our goal is to better the status of the world’s oceans through successful and positive shark interactions, local grassroots conservation and world-wide education and awareness.  

Our Mission

Sharks are the ambassadors of the oceans and we want to better protect the status of the world's oceans through one positive shark interaction at a time.

Save The Sharks is run by an extremely dedicated, well-informed and professional shark conservationist.
— Veerle Roelandt; Founder, The Global Shark Conservation Initiative

What We've Achieved

  • In 2010, we helped pass a law that protected Lemon sharks in the waters of Florida,
  • In 2012, we helped pass another Florida law that protects Tiger sharks, Smooth, Scalloped and Great Hammerheads which became effective on January 1st, 2012.
  • We helped with a California law that stops the sale, trade and possession of shark fins.
  • We've successfully stopped shark fin soup from being a part of several restaurant menus in the USA.
  • We've drafted letters showing our disagreement with international finning laws. 
  • We were involved with CITES in 2013 where it was a historic year for shark conservation; Porbeagle, Oceanic Whitetips and several Hammerheads gained international protection.
  • We've organized domestic and internationally rallies. 
  • We have conducted small scale independent research to better ID sharks by their dorsal fins. (In process)