"Of Shark and Man" Review

Recently, we were given the wonderful opportunity to watch the feature length shark documentary Of Shark and Man. Below, you will find our review of it:

Of Shark and Man represents what all good documentaries should be; a heartfelt story told tastefully, artistically and has the immense capability to move you. David Diley does a fantastic job of balancing his own narrative, the story of Fiji and the story of the sharks of Fiji. He does it so well, in fact, that you do not realize there are three different stories going on, but instead one finely blended tale. 

Everything about this feature length documentary was perfect; the editing, the narratives, the cinematography, the underwater footage - all of it, seriously. David does a marvelous job of getting you interested in his own story by pulling you in with the abstract of Fiji and its' sharks, and finally... delivering fully with his own personal goals within the film, and it is exactly what the title hints at; of shark and man.

This film is not just your basic run of the mill shark documentary. No sir! A lot of documentaries have come out lately where all they are is semi-decent underwater shots, terrible voice overs and zero plot lines. Of Shark and Man smashes those films to bits, and the best part about all of that is that it didn't even try, it is just naturally that amazing and awe inspiring.

The music was like nothing I have ever heard before - it made me laugh, cry, worry and it made me dance, too! It is quite refreshing to hear such tastefully created music, which I may add, was influenced by the culture and way of life of Fiji. Way to keep your film authentic, David!

The way this film blends all of the stories into one beautiful (love) story is absolute poetry. Diley is a master of his craft, and this film is even more proof of his enormous talents! We had so many emotions running through us during the entire film (this is what a good feature length does! It moves you) - happiness, sadness, shock, fear, awe... you name it! 

In our very humble opinion, this film proves to be exactly what it promised to be - real, emotional and thought provoking. Well done David, you have yet again put your money where your mouth is and You, sir, have delivered!

Photo Credit Michael Patrick O'Neill

Photo Credit Michael Patrick O'Neill

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