Our First Campaign of 2015 - Nursery Protection & Shark Monitoring Program: Dominican Republic

It is our absolute pleasure to announce our first (and official!) campaign of the 2015 year! 

"Sanctuary and Monitoring Program:  Dominican Republic"

The goal of this project is to finalize a set sanctuary in the city of Estero Hondo and to develop a local monitoring program for sharks in those waters. Our team is comprised of scientists, conservation leaders and award winning filmmakers. We will be working closely with the local populations to establish these goals.

Our project objectives would be:

  • Establish a finalized protection plan for nurseries used by sharks in the Dominican Republic.
  • Create a shark monitoring program with the locals in the areas to compile and keep data.
  • Document shark behavior through film and photo for conservation purposes.
  • Have ongoing local and international presentations about our work, our procedures and how this project is helping the locals and their economy.

We are in close and daily communication with government officials in the island and with many scientific researchers to make this project a total success. But, we cannot do this without YOUR help!

Hondo Estero, Dominican Republic

Hondo Estero, Dominican Republic

Please, help fund this very important campaign by following the link below. Any amount helps, and with every donation we get one step closer to our project goals. We understand that not everyone can support financially and this is why we also ask that everyone shares this blog post. The more people we reach, the higher our chances are of reaching our goals. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!